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Andy Hui
Hui and Wong (right) with a friend
Jacqueline Wong

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui Chi-On has apologised to his family and friends after reports about his apparent dalliance with actress Jacqueline Wong Sum-Wing appeared in the media.

Hui, 51, has been at the top of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry for decades and married Hong Kong pop star Sammi Cheng since 2013.

Associated Press reported today that Hui’s recent affair with 30-year-old Wong was documented in a video published by Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper.

The black-and-white video believed to be filmed on April 3 purportedly showed Hui and Wong kissing and holding hands inside a taxi.

They were both in the back seat of the taxi, travelling home with an unnamed male friend.

Right after their friend got out of the car, Hui and Wong clasped hands and told the driver to take them to Wong’s house.

She was wearing a mask and he a cap to disguise themselves.

While in the taxi, Wong was seen taking off her mask, before hugging and kissing with Hui throughout the journey.

On social media, there had been signs of a budding relationship between the duo. Hui had appeared in a number of Wong’s Instagram photos in recent months and celebrated her 30th birthday last Jan 23.

However, Hui had been careful to keep his distance from Wong whenever they were in public.

While Hui is married to Cheng, Wong has been in a relationship with actor Kenneth Ma since 2017.

It was unclear how the video made it into the newspaper. Hui said he would be suspending commercial activities, “seek help for his behaviour” and “find a new start”.

The video showing Hui and Wong

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