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Ang’s Instagram post

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular TV drama director Michael Ang today shared news of him converting to Islam more than a year ago.

The 43-year-old who is also a drama producer said he wanted it to be public knowledge now so that people would not be confused when they see him entering the mosque to perform prayers.

“Alhamdulillah, I’ve been a Muslim for more than a year now and I’m now ready to tell Malaysians about this,” he said on Instagram today.

In a news report today, Ang, whose full name is Ang Hai Swee added: “I’m a new kid on the block, so please correct me when I’m wrong. Pray that I change for the better, and I apologise for keeping it a secret. I felt that it was a matter between God and I, and my loved ones.”

The man behind the film Kimchi Untuk Awak also added a link to a YouTube video in which he spoke about his conversion to Islam.

Ang said that he was still learning about his newfound faith from religious teachers and had begun attending Friday prayers.

He also said that he retained his original name despite the conversion.

Rumours of Ang’s conversion have been circulating on social media since last year, when he observes fasting during Ramadan.

He had also uploaded photos of himself with Chinese Muslim religious scholars Ustaz Firdaus Wong and Ustaz Sheikh Hussain Yee.

Several actors and singers congratulated him on hearing of his conversion. They included Fattah Amin, Alif Satar, Aeril Zafrel, Saharul Ridzwan, Khai Bahar, Shukri Yahaya, Fizo Omar and Izzue Islam.

Ang's video

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