Aiman Hakim Ridza and Zahirah Macwilson find comfort in each other’s company. NSTP/KHAIRUL AZHAR AHMAD.

Aiman Hakim Ridza and Zahirah Macwilson are perhaps among the most closely-watched celebrity couple in recent times.

This is especially obvious after both made their relationship known to the public late last year on their social media accounts.

And perhaps due to Zahirah’s previous relationship which didn’t end well, her father, Zainol Macwilson, seemed a little protective of his daughter.

The 59-year-old former TV3 newscaster and actor recently made a statement that he had yet to get to know Aiman personally.

To this, actor Aiman, 30, says: “I don’t think I should comment. But being someone who is much older, I respect his opinion. Things like this can be sensitive and easily misinterpreted.

“Besides, it is a very personal matter which I’d rather keep private. There’s actually no problem between Zainol and me at all. Please pray for the best for both of us.”

Aiman adds that he understands that Zainol’s protectiveness is in the best interest of his daughter.

“He is a loving and caring father and I’m not surprised at his reaction.

“In fact, I’m impressed with how protective and loving he has been towards Zahirah. That is an admirable trait,” he adds.

Aiman hopes that he can do the same in pouring and expressing his love for the 24-year-old actress.

He adds that he has met Zainol on several occasions and from those meetings, it’s evident that Zahirah is lucky to have such a loving man for a father.

At the moment, both Aiman and Zahirah are on a week’s break and currently holidaying in Perth, Australia.

“The initial plan is to take a break and also to record material for our digital content project,” says the lanky actor, who shares an Instagram account (@toxic_inlove) with her. In it, they upload videos and their own digital content.


Zahirah adds that throughout the fasting month, they will be focusing mainly on creating digital content.

“We like to keep busy doing things which we’re really interested in,” she says.

“It’s also our personal mission to encourage more people to use digital content as a reference or inspiration for their lifestyle especially travel.”


Zahirah adds that they decided to embark on the project as soon as they realised that they both like sharing their lifestyle on the digital platform.

As Perth is also home for Zahirah’s family, Aiman does not deny that he will be taking this opportunity to discuss with her family on his intention to take their relationship a step further.

“Yes, that is also part of the reason why I’m going there. My family and I also have an honourable intention with this trip Down Under.

“As getting engaged or marriage is the next step in any serious relationship, please pray for us,” he says.

Meanwhile, Aiman and Zahirah are currently co-starring in a 28-episode drama series Curi-Curi Cinta aired on Astro.

They say working together on the same set while being in a relationship off-screen is “not a problem”. If anything, 
it makes everything easier and less awkward.

Zahirah shares: “It’s easy to work with him. It’s comfortable as we are not just two persons in love. We are good friends as well.

“Work is work. When it comes to that, we keep it professional.”


Besides acting and personal projects, and being madly in love, Aiman and Zahirah are also busy managing Bakersfellas, a cafe-cum-studio located in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

“The idea for this cafe came up after a conversation with my father about four years ago. He likes the idea and has given his full support,” shares Aiman.

Besides being an F&B outlet, it is also a studio, where musically-inclined people can come and polish up on their singing and music skills.


Before he became an actor, Aiman was also a finalist of TV3’s reality show Mentor (Season 5) back in 2011. In the programme, his mentor was legendary singer Rahim Maarof.

“Part of the reason I set this studio up was to build up my confidence in singing,” shares Aiman who, unfortunately, got booted out at the fourth preliminary round of the competition.