Wani Kayrie (NSTP/File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Wani Kayrie of Big Stage fame recently had the shock of her life. The first-year law student was informed by close friends and university course mates that several social media accounts had used her name and pre-teen photos to send sexually-harassing messages to youngsters.

“There are 45 such accounts, which show photos of me at singing contests aged 10. They’re on Facebook and some might be created by the same individual,” said the 19-year-old artiste in a news report today.

“I didn’t realise this till friends told me recently. They asked me if I was aware of accounts bearing my name that had been sending lots of nasty, sexually-harassing messages to youngsters who use Facebook.”

“I was shocked, I hardly touch Facebook for a long time now,” she said.

Wani, whose real name is Syazwani Abdullah, also said that one kind Netizen warned others that those accounts did not belong to her.

“He told Netizens to be careful, as the person or persons behind such accounts were likely to be paedophiles.”

“These persons are sick! I’m now gathering evidence from all of these accounts to make a police report, and my management is fully behind me. I’ve got to report them.”

Wani advised parents to be mindful of social media postings and accounts which used photographs of their pre-teen children.

“Best that they refrain from sharing the photos of their children on social media, since there are many monsters out there.”

Wani who has been singing since she was 6, had her first single Jangan Jangan released in 2015. Having represented Malaysia at the World Championship Of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, the United States, last year, Wani is currently starring in the Astro Ria television drama series The House.