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D.O. of Exo (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of popular K-Pop band Exo were sad after it was recently reported that the group’s hunky member D.O. would be enlisting in the South Korean military for his national service on July 1.

According to Soompi, the 26-year-old singer and actor, whose real name is Doh Kyung Soo, had written a letter to address his fans following the announcement of his enlistment.

He posted the handwritten letter earlier today on Exo’s official fan club page, which started off with: “Hello, this is D.O. of EXO. Exo-Ls, the sudden news must have been surprising for everyone right? I wanted to first share the news (with you), so I have a heavy heart because I feel like it’s a little late.”

He added: “I’m posting this letter because I wanted to let you know that as much as this decision was made after lots of consideration, I will return (after serving) healthily and safely. I sincerely thank Exo-Ls, who are always supportive, and I hope that everyone will always be healthy and have (days) that are filled with things that make you laugh.”

D.O. then ended it with: “I will carefully serve and return to greet you all with a healthy image. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, fans of Exo can take solace in the band’s upcoming performances in July. Koreaboo reported earlier today that the music outfit would be staging its fifth solo concert series in Seoul from July 19 to 21.

Titled Exo Planet #5 – EXplOration, the set of six concerts will mark the first time the nine-member band has staged a show since the release of its fifth full studio album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, which dropped last November.

Aside from D.O.’s absence from the upcoming shows, fans will also not see Exo member Xiumin in action since he had enlisted as well about three weeks ago.

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