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Hani Fadzil plans to lodge police report regarding the harsh comment she received on social media. — Instagram/hahanybunch

KUALA LUMPUR: Radio announcer Hani Fadzil of Era FM is shocked when she received nasty comments, one of which being a death threat.

This series of unkind comments came after she posted an edited photo of her and BTS’ member Nam-joon recently.

Taking the issue to Instagram, she wrote: “As a K-Pop fan for the past 12 years, I am surprised to see how some fans behave.

“I woke up to screen shots comprising texts and I am shocked to read the content.

Hani Fadzil edited her photos on social mdeia for fun, and didn’t expect it to trigger nasty comment from Netizens. — Instagram/hahanybunch

“There is one who wants to punch me until I die? I edit my photos for fun, I never expected this would trigger any nasty reactions,” she wrote.

Hani however apologised to those who are not happy with her postings.

“While some may brush this off saying that the comment must have come from an immature and young person, people need to know that wanting someone to ‘die’ is a serious matter and not something to joke about,” wrote the 27-year-old.

Hani also said that as such texts could be taken as a threat to her safety and well-being, she would also be following up with a police report.

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