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Afdlin’s Instagram post
Datuk Afdlin Shauki (NSTP/File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Afdlin Shauki's younger brother Jefri Adzman Aksan died at 5.14pm today, without regaining consciousness following a road accident last Sunday.

The award-winning actor, comedian, director and producer said he was devastated at losing his "dearest and biggest fan".

In an Instagram post, Afdlin, 48, said: "My younger brother Jefri Adzman left us at 5.14pm at Thomson Hospital, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. May his soul be placed among the righteous.

"To all who have known him, I offer my apologies for his mistakes and if he owes you money, please contact me. I love you and mum Jep, and I pray that both of you will rest in eternal peace."

The post was accompanied by a black-and-white photo of Jefri Adzman and their mother Fadzilah Jelani who died in October last year at the age of 70.

Afdlin, who described 38-year-old Jefri's fatal accident as a major tragedy, said he was seeking help from the public to identify the driver of the green Perodua Myvi which collided with Jefri's motorcycle at 1.30pm last Sunday.

In an Instagram video yesterday, he called on Netizens with dashcam recordings to contact him and come forward as witnesses to the case.

"This is my saddest Raya ever. I need you guys to provide evidence of the accident. If you've got any information please call me."

Afdlin said the accident happened at a junction near the Kota Damansara Petronas service station.

Jefri was on his way to Afdlin's house in Wangsa Maju for Hari Raya, when the accident happened.

Doctors removed a blood clot in his brain around 6.30pm on Monday after four hours of surgery.

Netizens, including actors and television hosts, sent their heartfelt condolences to Afdlin and his family.

"Salam takziah Datuk Afdlin. I'm so shocked and saddened by your lost," said Latif.

"Takziah abang. May God bless your brother Jefri Adzman and place him amongst the righteous," said Zulfadli.

"Al-Fatihah. My family and I pray for your brother," said actress and television host Sharifah Shahirah.

Yesterday, Afdlin said Jefri Adzman's accident was another painful Hari Raya for him, after losing his mother last year.

He called on fans to pray for the recovery of Jefri Adzman, a video editor, and added that he was keeping vigil at the hospital.

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