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Chef Wan with his award

KUALA LUMPUR: Celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or Chef Wan has just been named a Felda Icon by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Rompin yesterday.

Upon accepting the Felda Icon Award, Chef Wan took to Instagram to tick off “lazy” Felda settlers who refused to help themselves and waited for the Government’s help.

He said: “As the price of palm oil is not certain, Felda settlers should work hard to cultivate cash crops to supplement their income. It will help us reduce our dependency on imported food.

“Malaysia is blessed with good soil and there is a lot of idle land. The Government should privatise this land for cash crops.

“I’ve travelled to Australia, Norway and Sweden for my TV shows and saw how the people cultivate cash crops and raise livestock, making full use of the land and contributing to the economy.

“Back home, many of my fellow Felda settlers sell off fertiliser subsidies given to them by the Government, and when they receive dividends, they marry two or three times and ‘breed like cats’!

“I saw all of this when I was growing up. Their bad attitude has been passed on to their grandchildren.

“If we are lazy and unwilling to sacrifice, God will not help us and we will never be successful in life.”

Chef Wan also said there were many “maggots” amongst the settlers who were not thankful to the Prime Minister for his sacrifices and contributions towards nation-building.

He said that such people “made noise” whenever he spoke and “lived off free money” from the Government.

“These ungrateful human beings are born to be rubbish and they will forever be rubbish.”

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