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Erma with Zareef. — Instagram/Ermafatima
The car which was driven by Zazoo after it was hit by another car coming from the opposite direction. — Instagram/Ermafatima

KUALA LUMPUR: Child actor Zareef Yusof, who is also the son of actor Datuk Seri Eizlan Yusof, was involved in a car accident this morning while on his way to the set of Mak Cun in Sabak Bernam.

While the nine-year-old was uninjured, his aunt, identified only as Zazoo, who was driving the car, sustained injuries on her forehead and nose from the incident, according to a news report today.

Mak Cun’s producer Erma Fatima said that Zareef and Zazoo were on their way to the filming set which was not far from the hotel they were staying at.

Zareef is part of the cast of Mak Cun Season 5, which is currently being filmed.

“We were on our way to the set, but in different cars. When we were nearing the location, slowing down at a junction, suddenly a car from the opposite direction came crashing into their car, causing it to turn turtle. All of us who were in the car behind them were just stunned and horrified,” said Erma, 51.

She was however relieved to find out that her young cast member was not injured, but quickly sent his aunt to the nearest hospital for treatment.

“Although it was an unfortunate incident, I’m thankful that nothing worse happened,” she said.

After sharing the photo of the accident on her Instagram, some Netizens who were familiar with the area commented that the the junction is an accident-prone area in Sabak Bernam.

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