KUALA LUMPUR: It is often said, get an umbrella ready before it rains.

And in the case of singer-actor Alif Satar, parents should get a nebulizer in case their children fall sick.

The co-host of talent quest Big Stage said on Instagram yesterday that having a nebulizer at home helped parents treat their young children for curable illnesses.

In his post which was accompanied by a photo of himself with his 4-year-old daughter Alisha Anugerah using the nebulizer, Alif, 28, said: "Vape on with Alisha. Everyone should have this at home."

As it turned out, Alisha, the elder of Alif's two daughters, was recuperating from a bad cough.

Netizens praised Alif for sharing his useful parenting tip on social media.

"Get well soon Alisha. Thanks for the great suggestion Alif," said Saleha.

"Is it available at the nearest pharmacy? My 9-month-old child is having a bad cough right now," said Aqilah.

"Well done Alif. May your daughter recover fast," said Faisal.

Alif and his wife Sha Dila Halid have two children, Alisha and Ariana Mecca, 2. Their third child, a son, is due in October.

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