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Fazura (Picture by SYAKIRAH AZHAR)

KUALA LUMPUR: It seems that popular actress Nur Fazura Sharifuddin had a mysterious encounter with an ‘uninvited guest’ during a shooting session for her new film, Dendam Pontianak.

The 34-year-old star, who plays the titular ghostly character named Mina, apparently saw a female ghostly figure with long, flowing dark hair that looked very similar to herself while on location at the film’s set.

In a news report today, she said: “It was at about 3am, while we were having our rest period, when several crew members told me to look behind. I then saw a shadowy female presence that wore the same attire as myself.”

“It wore an identical white kebaya with a sarung just like me. The only thing was that her long hair was covering her face. We were all freaked out but pretended not to notice the phantasm.”

She added: “The apparition had appeared a few times during the shooting sessions on set. Thankfully, no one was possessed or disturbed and the filming went on smoothly.”

The award-winning actress relayed her ghostly experience when met at the Press conference for Dendam Pontianak at Kompleks Kraf here yesterday.

Fazura was grateful that no other weird occurrences had taken place after that particular shoot.

She said that her husband and fellow actor Fattah Amin had also advised her to recite verses from the Quran repeatedly for protection.

“Thank God, nothing else strange took place after we had returned home. Everything was alright and that strange sense of unease did not carry on into the house,” she said.

Directed by Glen Goei and Gavin Yap, Dendam Pontianak was shot on location in villages around Selangor and Perak.

It follows the story of a newly-wed couple who are troubled by mysterious circumstances that lead them on a downward spiral of betrayal, black magic and murder.

Aside from Fazura, the horror film also stars Remy Ishak, Hisyam Hamid, Shenty Feliziana, Namron, Tony Eusoff, Nadia Aqilah, Wan Hanafi Su and Nadiah M Din.

Dendam Pontianak is expected to be screened in Singapore on Aug 29 before hitting Malaysian cinemas on Sept 12.

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