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Ku Hye Sun (left) and Ahn Jae Hyun. (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: There’s trouble in paradise for Korean actors Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun who got married in 2016 after starring in the hit medical romance drama series Blood.

News of a divorce blew up online after Ku shared text messages between the celebrity couple on social media yesterday.

According to Soompi, the conversation which was cut off in parts and shared in screen-grab picture form in a couple of posts revealed that her husband Ahn, 32, had wanted a divorce.

It began with what seemed like Ahn wanting to release the unfortunate news to the public sometime next week but the 34-year-old actress disagreed with that and talked about prioritising her mother’s condition.

She had also wanted Ahn to meet with her mother in person but the actor had only wanted to talk to her on the phone.

Part of her message read: “Just like you persuaded her when we got married, take responsibility and persuade her about our divorce.”

In her second post, part of her message read: “Meet her in person and apologise… for the fact that you weren’t able to keep your promises from when we got married. Why is work important. If you say work is more important than my mom, then I really won’t hold back.”

In the caption to her post, Ku wrote: “My mother has received a shock and is not in good health, which is why I have posted these words. I’m sorry.”

The Instagram posts were later deleted and an official statement from HB Entertainment, which manages both actors, was issued.

The explanation with regards to the couple’s marital status, read: “Despite the encouragement and expectations of many, the two actors recently reached a point where they felt they could no longer maintain their marriage due to various issues, and after a serious conversation, they both agreed to get a divorce.”

“As the agency of the two actors, we respected the decision they made after long and sincere talks over the past couple of months, and we hoped that they would lead happier lives separately in the future.”

“Ku Hye Sun recently appointed a lawyer and drafted a divorce agreement, which she then sent to Ahn Jae Hyun and requested that he also quickly appoint a lawyer and go through the necessary steps. Ku Hye Sun expressed that she wished to file for the divorce in August, and complete the divorce process by September.”

The official statement added that along with the divorce agreement, Ku had also sent over a draft of a statement she would be distributing to the press.

But the agency and Ahn were surprised by her unexpected posts revealing the divorce prematurely online.

It further read: “As her post omitted the fact that the divorce was based on a mutual agreement after serious conversations, and simply stated that she did not want a divorce, we regrettably feel the need to explain the process despite this being their private life.”

“Though this is a part of their private life, we simply wish, as their agency, that neither side is hurt by this. We apologise for causing concern to so many people.”

After the official explanation from HB Entertainment was made public, Ku took to Instagram to express herself.

She wrote: “Yesterday, I was in a rush to upload what I did because I expected official statements would be made today. Though we were in the process of talking about a divorce, we had not signed or agreed on a final decision yet. The official statement was made without consulting me. I wish to protect my family.”

The two award-winning actors tied the knot on May 21, 2016. Instead of organising a wedding party, the couple apparently donated money to the pediatric ward of one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in South Korea.

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