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Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

KUALA LUMPUR: Jeremy Renner, best known as Clint Barton aka Hawkeye in the Avengers film series, has terminated his two-year-old fan application, no thanks to trolls.

The Hollywood Reporter reported today that Renner said that his Jeremy Renner App — a hub for fans to get together, watch exclusive content and enter contests to win prizes, such as original music, photographs and access to behind-the-scenes livestreams of the actor himself — will be shut down.

In a message tweeted from the application's official account yesterday, the Avengers actor said: "The App has jumped the shark, literally. Due to clever individuals who were able to manipulate ways to impersonate me and others within the app I have asked Escapex, the company that runs this app to shut it down immediately and refund anyone who has purchased any stars over the last 90 days."

He continued: "My sincere apologies for this not to have turned out the way it was intended. To all the super-fans who have supported me with your words or encouragement, amazing art, stories and time shared on the app, a genuine thank you and hope to see you on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook."

The existence of trolls who posted rude messages and used dubious names, have often compromised the application over the last two years.

"What was supposed to be a place for fans to connect with each other has turned into a place that is everything I detest and can't or won't condone," said Renner.

The free mobile application was launched in 2017 as a way for Renner to connect more closely with fans all over the world.

"This will be the main place I interact with my fans and share a deeper look into my life," Renner said at the time of the application's launch.

"Between exclusive contests, behind the scenes of what I'm working on, and being able to interact with you guys one on one, I couldn't be more excited to interact with you guys more!"

Renner will soon be back on screen in the Blumhouse film Spawn, opposite Jamie Foxx.

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