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Alisa Aisyah

KUALA LUMPUR: Action hero Hairul Azreen, best known for starring in last year's navy seals adventure Paskal, has yet another "star" in his family.

Besides his 3-year-old son Yusuf Iskandar, Hairul's second child, 3-month-old Alisa Aisyah is also a hit with Netizens.

The daughter of Hairul and his wife, television host and blogger Hanis Zalikha has garnered a whopping 500,000 Instagram followers since her parents created an account specially for her early this year.

Fans of Hairul, Hanis and Yusuf have praised Alisa as an "adorable, cheerful and beautiful baby girl".

In fact, many of them are optimistic that she will become as popular as her elder brother who has 2.7 million Instagram followers.

One Netizen Ira said Alisa easy outdid many actors and actresses in terms of social media popularity.

"Wow! Congrats Baby Alisa. Three months and an amazing 500,000 IG followers. Imagine, when you're 20, you'll be a household name. So adorable."

Atiqa said: "I've only got 1,000 followers since I started my Instagram account in 2014. Well done baby Alisa. Love you much!"

Adlina said: "You're so blessed with wonderful children Hairul and Hanis. Yusuf and especially Alisa bring us so much joy. Keep it up, girl!"

Hairul, 31, and Hanis, 28, have been married since 2015.

Besides Paskal, Hairul's best known films include Hantu Kapcai, Gila-Gila Remaja 2, Pencuri Hati Mr Cinderella, and Polis Evo 2.

He will soon appear in the action films Wira and Abang Long Fadil 3.

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