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Fish Leong

KUALA LUMPUR: Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Fish Leong has confirmed rumours that she and her husband of nine years, Tony Chao, have been divorced.

Hong Kong entertainment portal Jayne Stars reported yesterday that Leong broke down at a recent mini concert to promote her latest album, The Sun Also Rises.

She began to shed tears when she was performing the single Slow To Cool Down.

After her performance, she confirmed the sad news to fans by saying that she was now "single again".

“Thank you for all your concerns,” she said. “I’ve received them all. I know what everyone is thinking. Mr. Tony Chao and I have already signed the divorce papers, but there are still some loose ends to tie up,” said Leong.

Leong and Chao have been living separately since August, but they will share custody of their 5-year-old son, Anderson Chao.

When interviewed later, Leong said: “I still need to soak all of this in. My parents have been spending time with me.”

She declined to answer whether or not the divorce was caused by a third party.

Meanwhile, Leong's close friend, Taiwanese singer Christine Fan, showed support for her on social media.

“I’ve never been a big mouth,” she said. “Protect! I'll always protect you, guard you, and be with you. Love you.”

It is believed that Fan was one of the few celebrities who knew about Leong's marital troubles.

However, some Netizens criticised Fan's post as "inappropriate" and said that she had no right to make such posts when Leong was going through a divorce.

Fan subsequently deleted the message.

Leong hails from Jempol, Negri Sembilan and began her singing career in 1997. She has 13 studio albums, beginning with Grown Up Overnight in 1999.

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