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Shima reminds newer generation of artistes to lead a healthy lifestyle and get themselves a health policy insurance while they are still young and healthy. NSTP/ROHANIS SHUKRI.

KUALA LUMPUR: Having suffered from slipped disc since 2013, which has led to urinary incontinence, veteran singer Shima admitted that she had since resorted to wearing adult diapers.

The 49-year-old artiste whose full name is Ku Nazhatul Shima Ku Kamarazzaman said that she had been wearing diapers for the past couple of years, to make it easier for her to go about carrying her daily chores.

“I’ve been wearing it even before I left for my umrah last year. But fortunately, Allah had eased my journey there, as I didn’t have to wear them or finding difficulty going to the toilet,” she said in a news report yesterday.

Shima also reminded younger artistes to not only lead a healthy lifestyle but to ensure that they had medical insurance to safeguard from raising medical cost.

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