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Donnie Yen

KUALA LUMPUR: The highly-anticipated fourth installment of the popular Ip Man film series will be fighting its ways to cinemas on Dec 20.

Entertainment portal Jayne Stars recently reported that Hong Kong action hero Donnie Yen would once again reprise his role as the legendary master of Wing Chun martial arts.

In his latest adventure, Ip Man arrives in the United States, and protects the dignity of Chinese Americans who are fighting against racism in America.

As the final sequel to director Raymond Wong’s four-part Ip Man film series, Ip Man 4 is set in 1964, during the Vietnam War.

Ip Man arrives in the US to start a new life, but is disheartened when he witnesses widespread racism in his community.

He defends his people, letting the world know that he is here to negotiate, but if they fight, he will retaliate.

The film will also cover the early beginnings of the late Hong Kong action hero Bruce Lee, Ip Man’s most well-known student, during his days in America.

Lee opens a Wing Chun school in San Francisco, which upsets the other local martial artists.

Ip Man teaches Lee that he has to stand up for himself, to use Chinese martial arts as a way to tell others that they too deserve respect.

On playing Ip Man for the last time, Yen said: “A generation has grown up with Ip Man. He represents the spirit and respect of what it means to be Chinese.”

Danny Chan Kwok-Kwan reprises his role as Lee from the third Ip Man film.

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