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BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)
BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: As Korea celebrates the Korean alphabet day known as Hangul Day, BTS fans from around the world are paying homage to the music outfit’s lyrics by writing them in Korean.

According to Koreaboo, the fandom, or Army as they’re known, had decided to schedule an event to celebrate BTS’ lyrics in conjunction with Hangul Day by trending the Korean hashtag which translates to, “Because of BTS, I learned Hangul”.

Many shared that the K-Pop group’s positive and emotive lyrics had really touched them and is what caused them to learn how to read and write in Hangul.

The fans wrote down their favourite lyrics to songs using ink and paper and posted the images online.

A fan from Argentina wrote: “I learned Hangul because I wanted to sing @BTS_twt songs and fanchants, as the romanisation always comes in English I needed to know the pronunciation in Spanish, that's why I write the songs and the Spanish pronunciation below.”

Another fan, posted a picture featuring several Korean language studying books, and captioned it with: “BTS really are the main reason why many people gained interest in studying Korean, including myself. Their impact truly goes beyond music and that in itself is an incredible achievement!”

One other fan shared: “I wrote one of my favourite lyrics from Butterfly, I think its simple but also very meaningful. ‘Don't think of anything. Don't say anything, not even a word. Just give me a smile’.”

Koreaboo also reported that, the Army was also abuzz about a possible collaboration between BTS and hip American singer-songwriter and rapper Lizzo.

The K-Pop group is no stranger to working with other famous artistes and many fans have tweeted about a dream collaboration between Lizzo and BTS before.

Apparently, when a fan had tweeted yesterday about the two artistes working with each other by writing, “Lizzo collab BTS?”, Lizzo herself answered with, “Yes, please.”

The candid response certainly served to hype up fans of both artistes with many expressing their hope that it would certainly come to pass.

One fan wrote: “I took a DNA test and turned out I need that BTS V Lizzo collab to stay alive.”

Another said: “LizzoxBTS? It'd be a blessing... A powerful one.”

Apparently, a fan had previously also mashed the choreography of BTS’ Boy In Luv with Lizzo’s Juice that went viral and further got fans in the mood for a collaboration.

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