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Amyza Aznan (NSTP/FILE PIC)
Amyza Aznan (NSTP/FILE PIC)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular drama actress Amyza Aznan has some sad news for fans.

Recently, during their wedding anniversary, her husband of 16 years, businessman Khairil Idzhar Mohd Nadzir suffered a stroke, and she now has to look after him daily.

The 43-year-old artiste shared the news of her husband's illness in a poignant Instagram post complete with their wedding photograph yesterday.

She said: "Even though you are paralysed, my love for you has never been such. Happy anniversary Khairil, may God always grant me the strength to care for you and love you as I always do.

“You may have been felled by a stroke, but my prayers are always with you, my husband, life partner and father to our children.”

Amyza apologised to fans for being unable to keep them updated on her latest activities.

“Not that I don't want to share these activities. Right now I've got a major job to do, and that's taking good care of Khairil. Let's all pray for him.”

Amyza's fellow celebrity friends expressed their support and sympathy for her and Khairil. They wished him a speedy recovery and told her to stay strong.

“Get well soon Abang Khairil,” said actress Mona Allen.

“Dear God, give Kak Amyza strength and bless Abang Khairil with a speedy recovery,” said singer-actor Anas Ridzuan.

“Be strong Kakak! May God bless Abang,” said singer-actress Ezlynn Ariffin.

“Dear Amyza and Khairil. My prayers are with you both,” said actress Linda Rafar.

Amyza and Khairil tied the knot in 2004. They have three children Andre Mikhail, 16, Andrian Adam, 13, and Ayden Andika, 7.

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