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Taeyeon with Sulli (left) and Jonghyun (Picture from Koreaboo)
Taeyeon with Sulli (left) and Jonghyun (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: The recent shocking death of K-Pop idol and actress Sulli has many fans of another idol worried. Taeyeon of seminal K-Pop band Girls’ Generation was a close friend of the deceased 25-year-old star.

According to Koreaboo, as news of Sulli’s passing spread, many fans of Taeyeon started to worry for her emotional health.

Taeyeon, 30, began her solo career in 2015 and had recently released her first video teaser to her upcoming album, Purpose, on Instagram.

Her fans have been flooding the post with numerous words of encouragement, strength, love and support.

They told her not to hold any of her sadness in and to let it all out instead and vowed to wait no matter what if she needed to postpone her upcoming album.

Concerned fans kept reminding her that she was loved. Taeyeon and Sulli, who was a former member of f(x), have been close friends from way back since before they even made their debuts as idols.

Apparently, they had lived together in the same dorm as trainees. Their friendship was a longstanding one as they were often seen in public at each other’s events to show their support.

Netizens were particularly worried for Taeyeon since she had previously confessed that she was suffering from depression.

Unfortunately, she had also lost another close friend Jonghyun, from the popular male K-Pop group Shinee, just a couple of years ago.

One fan wrote: “This is just so, so sad. First her best friend Jonghyun, now her dongsaeng (younger sister) Sulli. Someone give Taeyeon strength.”

Another said: “Everybody pls look out for Taeyeon, she lost 2 of her best friends. Pls pls pls look out for her!”

“Prayers go out for both Sulli and Taeyeon,” wrote yet one other concerned fan.

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