Sulli (left) and Victoria (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: Victoria of popular K-Pop girl group f(x) posted a short and loving farewell message to her former group member Sulli, 25, who had passed away last Monday.

According to Soompi, the post on Instagram yesterday, which was accompanied by an old f(x) group photo, read: “Sulli, the weather is nice today. Goodbye, I won’t forget you. I love you…”

This was after she had attended Sulli’s funeral which was open only to family and close friends.

Victoria, a Chinese national, had cancelled all of her activities in her home country when she found out about the tragic news and quickly took a flight to South Korea to attend the private event.

Sulli, who was known to have suffered from bouts of depression and had been plagued by nasty comments online in recent times, had allegedly took her own life and was found dead by her manager in her house in Seoul.

Soompi also reported that Victoria, 32, who ranked at No. 41 on this year’s Forbes China Celebrity 100 list, had left a long message on her Weibo account with regards to malicious comments.

Part of the lengthy rant, which was written in Chinese, went: “Since when have Weibo, WeChat and Instagram become the rulers? The rulers by which we measure ethics, people’s relationships, emotions, anything that people wish to measure.”

She also said that, “I’m not extraordinary. I just want to live my life more grounded in reality than the people leaving comments.”

“Don’t speculate. If you have time to come up with a story, what do you think about spending that time doing something more meaningful? Please don’t let (commenting and social media) become your life. You can’t find your identity in a world that’s made up of falsehoods. Please don’t waste your time.”

Closer to the end, the idol said: “Please don’t tell others what they need to do with their lives. Even well-intentioned advice has its boundaries. Don’t overstep. What right do you have to tell a stranger to do this, or don’t do that, when your own life is a wreck? Everyone’s life is different and unique. Who has the right to tell someone else how to live? Focus on your own life. Live in the present. If you live with a kind heart, that is enough.”

Meanwhile, fellow f(x) member Krystal, who has not commented online about Sulli’s passing has apparently drawn some flak as Netizens spewed hate towards her for keeping silent over the tragedy.

Allkpop reported that an insider had spoken up in her defence on the matter. According to Korean custom, family and friends would mourn the deceased at a memorial for several days and this is what Krystal, 24, has been doing to help Sulli's family deal with the process.

The insider revealed yesterday that the idol had stayed by Sulli's memorial altar for three days since Sulli's passing. The person apparently told the media that, "After hearing the news about Sulli, Krystal was in deep sadness as she stood by the funeral hall for three days.”

“She was there for the whole process. The malicious comments now are too harsh," added the insider. More sane Netizens had also expressed disappointment at the malicious commenters and wrote that, "It's shocking and sad."

Originally a five-member group f(x) made its debut in 2009 with Sulli, Victoria, Amber, Luna and Krystal. Sulli left the group in 2015 to focus on acting and her career as a solo artiste.

The group was apparently the first K-Pop outfit to perform at the famous US entertainment event, SXSW, and was also ranked No.7 by Billboard on its Top 10 K-Pop Girl Groups of the Past Decade list in 2017.