Attempts to sabotage her bird’s nest business are viewed as challenges to produce better quality products, says Datin Fouziah Gous. — Instagram/Zhafou

KUALA LUMPUR: Having been an entrepreneur for the past five years, actress Datin Fouziah Gous admitted that there were certain quarters who were unhappy with her bird’s nest business’ thriving success.

She said that there had been several attempts by some quarters to sabotage her business by having her factory raided by authorities, questioning the content and the Halal status of her health products.

“Those who have ill feelings towards my business won’t show it upfront. Next thing you know, authorities come knocking on the factory’s door,” she said in a news report today.

However, Fouziah said that having faced all these obstacles, her products registered under the brand FGWalet were clear of any issues as they had all the right certifications, Halal certificate included.

The 36-year-old artiste-turned-entrepreneur however took all these experiences in her stride, as viewing them as mere challenges for her to improve in producing better quality products.