Erra Fazira prefers to find solace in God. NSTP/ROHANIS SHUKRI.

KUALA LUMPUR: Award-winning actress and singer Erra Fazira prefers to find solace in God instead of sharing her feeling of sadness with others.

While it sounds a little cliche, the 45-year-old artiste admitted that doing so had brought her extreme relief.

“In life, we cannot run from tests and challenges, more so when one is in the public eye.

“Sometimes, we would face certain situations that make us feel sad and uneasy. The easiest way for me to unburden myself is to turn to God.

“I feel a certain level of calmness when I share my sadness with Him.

“At the very least, He guides me in resolving problems which I am riddled with,” she said when met at the launch of her single Menangkah Cinta at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel recently.

Erra also said that she would avoid reading negative comments about her on social media.

“No matter how strong we seem to be, some nasty remarks can break our hearts especially those by Netizens who have no idea about the situations we are in.

“It’s best that we put our hearts as priority,” said the single mother of one.