Che Ta recently lamented how some artistes find it difficult to show their full support for events organised to celebrate the industry they are in. — Instagram/Rozita Che Wan

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Rozita Che Wan considers it unbecoming for some artistes who walked out from the recent Anugerah Skrin 2019 (ASK2019) midway.

Disappointed by their action, the 46-year-old artiste, more fondly known as Che Ta, took to Instagram recently to give her two cents about the incident at the awards show held at Putra World Trade Centre here, last Friday.

“We shouldn’t just attend an awards show just because we hope to win. Instead we should come to celebrate award winners who are also our fellow industry friends. As artistes, we should be supporting one another and cheer for them when they win. Why the need to leave the event when you lose?”

Rozita who felt that this should not have happened, said that their action had been perceived as disrespectful towards the organisers, award winners, and fellow artistes who had put in their effort to ensure the event went on smoothly.

“It is not everyday that we have awards shows. Why is it so difficult for some artistes to give their full support to an event organised to celebrate the industry they are in? If you think that this is burdensome, no need to come in the first place,” she said.

Rozita said the seats allocated for them should be given to other industry players who appreciate such events.

“Aren’t winning and losing part of the game? If we want to win all the time, it’s better that you don’t compete at all in the first place.

“Probably these people should just organise their own awards show. They themselves compete and win,” she added.