Sarah Suhairi’s recent performance of a dangdut song in South Korea has become a hit video on YouTube. — Instagram/Sarah Suhairi

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Sarah Suhairi admitted that she was flattered by the overwhelming response over a YouTube video of her singing a dangdut song.

The video was recorded when she performed at Jagalchi music festival in Busan, South Korea recently.

The 19-year-old artiste said that her performance of Mas Idayu’s Senggol Senggolan, Cubit Cubitan was actually part of the video belonging to Blimey, a popular YouTube channel.

“I didn’t do any shout-out on my performance there as the original content was for Blimey channel,” she said in a news report yesterday.

“I wasn’t aware that the festival was a big deal over there. Honestly, I was extremely worried. Never mind that I don the hijab, my performance was also in a foreign language for the audience over there.

“I felt somewhat relieved when some in the crowd danced along to the music midway,” she said.

Sarah said she was thrilled to find out that the video had attracted a lot of views and even discussed about as soon as it was made available on YouTube.

“I am so grateful to be given this opportunity. Even though this was my first time performing a dangdut number, I am glad the audience at the festival enjoyed it,” she said.

To date, the video, uploaded last weekend, has already been viewed more than 900,000 times.

Blimey is a popular YouTube channel which dedicates its content on all things Malaysians.

When Sarah, who was also a contestant for Astro’s reality show Big Stage last year, sang BlackPink’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du, Blimey gave her a rousing review, complimenting her on her almost perfect enunciation.