Shakir’s tweet

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran rock singer Sham of Visa, is very much a hero in the eyes of his son Shakir Zafran.

Shakir, 16, who is studying in Kuantan's Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) tweeted a poignant tribute to his father yesterday praising him for sacrificing his singing career in order to raise him.

In his tweet, Shakir said: "He gave his career away to raise me. He gave away the thing he loved the most in his life to make way for me. The sacrifices people make get looked over way too often. I appreciate you daddy. I love you more than words can describe. Thank you for everything."

Shakir also uploaded two photos of his father — one of him with long hair from 20 years ago and another during his recent performance at Gegar Vaganza 6 (GV6).

Sham in turn uploaded his son's tweet on his Instagram account with the caption "I love you son".

Netizens hailed Shakir as a wonderful son, and praised Sham for being a great father.

Min said: "The way you wrote this tweet shows that your father has truly brought you up well. Love you Shakir."

Rozita said: "So sweet, Shakir."

Adleen said: "Every father wants to be a hero to his son, this is how we as parents show our love to our children. Shakir, you are truly God's gift to Abang Sham Visa."

Hanim said: "Legend ayah Shakir. He's truly brought you up to be a fine young man."