Fazley’s son Ahmad Fariedz Shah had been sacrificing several weekends to make and sell his own nasi lemak to raise money to buy PS4. — Instagram/Dato' Fazley Yaakob
A screenshot from Fazley’s IG. — Instagram/Dato' Fazley Yaakob

KUALA LUMPUR: Although it’s easy for singer and celebrity chef Datuk Fazley Yaakob to shower his children with expensive gifts and toys, he prefers to train them early to earn their own money in order to buy their dream toys.

In a recent posting on his Instagram, the 41-year-old artiste expressed his pride for his eldest son Ahmad Fariedz Shah or Payish, who had managed to raise some money for a brand new home video game console, the PS4.

“Alhamdulillah, my eldest son Abang Payish @fariedzfazley has turned a year older last week. For the past several weekends, he had been slogging in the kitchen to make Nasi Lemak Payish and sell in order to raise enough money to buy his dream gadget.

“Both his mother and I have told him that if he ever wanted expensive toys, he must study hard and earn good grades or find his own way to earn cash so that he could buy them using his own money. So my baby boy did it.... he even paid using RM1 bills. Happy 11th birthday!” he wrote.

Fazley said that Ahmad Fariedz Shah had been sacrificing several weekends just to come up with the amount for his own birthday gift.

“So happy for you Payish. After tirelessly sacrificing your weekends, you got yourself your very own birthday present now,” he said.

Fazley who is married to Datin Azrene Ahmad in 2007 have two other younger sons and a daughter — Ahmad Fieradz Shah, 10; Ahmad Firudz Shah, 8; and Alayna Selma a.k.a. Ellie, 2.