The South Korean boy band Newkidd, which debuted in April this year, hopes to foster closer bonds with its followers. Pictured from left are Hwi, Jinkwon, Woochul and Yunmin. (Picture by Audrey Dermawan)

THE seven-member band’s debut album’s track Tu Eres, meaning You Are, in Spanish, has hit one million views from around the world.

Leader and sub-vocalist Jinkwon of South Korean boy band Newkiddsaid since their debut, they had gained good repute among fans from various parts of the world. It only took them two months to enter the South American market.

“Firstly, we want to express our sincere appreciation to our fans from around the world for the one million hits for Tu Eres. We hope that our subsequent albums will also be a big hit. We are ready to communicate with fans from around the world, including in Southeast Asian countries,” he told Asian journalists during a recent interview at J-Flo Entertainment’s office in Gangnam, Seoul in South Korea.

Journalists from eight countries participated in the 2019 Kwanhun-KPF Press Fellowship there and the New Straits Times was selected to represent Malaysia in the month-long fellowship this year. Others included Brunei, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Besides Jinkwon, main vocalist Hwi, lead dancer and rapper Yunmin and sub-vocalist Woochul were also present at the interview, along with J-Flo Entertainment director, Oh Hyobin.


It took Newkidd four years of training, which included a one-and-the-half year debut period. For the boy band, BTS is a good senior to look up to, and they hope to be able to spread the good vibes like BTS, which is easily the biggest and most successful name in K-pop in the world.

This month, Newkidd will have fan meetings in Russia, Uzbekistan and Khazakhstan.

Except for Jinkwon, who graduated from High School, the three are still in high school. Asked what sets Newkidd apart from other boy bands, Hwi said: “We intend to showcase various types of colourful music. We want to communicate (with) and grow up with our fans, just like a friend. We promise to make greater effort to be better than before.”

On whether they intend to add a new foreign member, Hwi said that the boy group was currently all Koreans.

Oh added that they had received many videos, including singing and dancing, from people from different countries to join the group. Yunmin said it has always been their dream to perform, even from Middle School, a sentiment echoed by other group members.

Asked on how they juggle their time between school and practise, Woochul said they have a daily schedule. “We practise from 10am to 10pm daily, seven days a week, except on public holidays and festive seasons. We also practise on our own.”

As for fan club, Oh said it would only be announced during the first anniversary of their debut.

Newkidd’s parting words for Malaysian fans were: “Hello Malaysia, do you want to hear our songs? Just visit Newkidd’s YouTube channel. So, please check us out. We love you.”

Other band members are main dancer and sub-vocalist Ji Hansol, sub-vocalist Choi Jiann and main rapper, vocalist and maknae (youngest member) Kang Seungchan.