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Maya’s papaya leaf straw

KUALA LUMPUR: Actress Maya Karin is a keen environmental activist, and always promotes eco-friendly solutions for fans' daily use.

Her latest "green" solution is drinking with straws made from the stems of papaya leaves, an ingenious alternative to the environmentally destructive plastic straw.

In a brief video which she uploaded on Twitter last Wednesday, the 40-year-old artiste displayed how the stem of a papaya leaf could easily substitute a plastic straw and prove just as effective a device for consumers to enjoy ice, cool fruit juice.

“Newest discovery, a straw from the stem of a papaya leaf. Now we’ve got steel, paper, cassava, kangkung, and papaya straws. This one is my favourite. There really are no more excuses for plastic straws.

"Say no to plastic straws, drink with papaya leaves,” she said.

Netizens commended Maya for promoting yet another eco-friendly solution.

One of them Polca said: "I've been using this straw since I was 8. Whenever I had a sore throat my mother made me drink warm water with it."

Faris said: "I wonder if one day we would be able to find similar substitutes for all other types of plastics especially the ones we use for groceries. This is one step further nevertheless."

Since Feb 1, Maya has been the ambassador for the Federal Territories Ministry’s River Of Life project.

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