Doctors could not detect any symptoms of slipped disc, but Sabhi Saddi had been experiencing back pain while onstage during GV6 concert. — Instagram/Mr Sabhi

KUALA LUMPUR: Hip hop group One Nation Emcees member Sabhi Saddi was hit by a “mysterious” illness which rendered his body numb and his movements uncontrollable.

The 35-year-old singer experienced this strange occurrence while performing with his fellow group members at the reality show Gegar Vaganza (Season 6) concert last Sunday.

He lost control of his movements, hitting his head while performing on stage.

And when his group’s name was announced as among those who got through onto next week’s concert, Sabhi experienced difficulty in standing, that he was provided a chair to sit on stage.

Sabhi said that he suffered from a slipped disc eight years ago.

“But what felt strange was the pain seemed to appear when I am on stage. While rehearsing on Friday, I suddenly felt excruciating pain in my back. But as soon as I left the stage, the pain subsided,” said the artiste in a news report yesterday.

Sabhi who hails from Sandakan said that the pain became unbearable during the full-dressed rehearsal the following day, but luckily, fellow contender Norshila Amin and her husband were there to assist him in reciting some Quranic verses.

Sabhi also got himself thoroughly-checked at the hospital, only to be told by the doctors that he was healthy and that they found no symptoms of a slipped disc.

“It’s hard for me to explain. If possible, I don’t want to associate it with any mystical element, but I did feel the pain, although the doctors said I was fine.”