AMYLEA Azizan is thrilled that four of her self-penned songs will be competing in the Muzik-Muzik 34 (MM34) semi-finals (SFMM34) which will take place over three Fridays beginning tonight.

The 32-year-old is fast gaining a foothold in showbusiness as a respected singer-songwriter. Her four works are Tiada Dirimu (performed by Shila Amzah), Bimbang (Marsha Milan), Tetap Kamu (Amylea X Megat) and Pudar (Indah Ruhaila).

Tiada Dirimu, Bimbang and Tetap Kamu are composed by Farouk Roman, while Pudar is the work of Amylea, who is also its lyricist.

Amylea first burst onto the entertainment scene in 2005 when she took part in the popular reality talent show Akademi Fantasia Season 3.

She breezed into the finals and was second runner-up, after champion Asmawi Ani and first runner-up Felix Agus.

On her duet with newcomer Megat Adzwan Mazlan, Amylea is all praise for the 25-year-old singer who first started out as the protege of singer-songwriter Aizat Amdan in last year’s Mentor 7, a reality show aired on TV3.

“Who would have guessed that this duet Tetap Kamu could bring us this far,” she said at the SFMM34 Press conference at Balai Berita in Kuala Lumpur recently.


Amylea is comfortable working with Farouk, who constantly strives to produce quality work.

Both are passionate about putting out good music. In fact, Amylea views every collaboration work with Farouk as “their baby”.

“Both Farouk and I take great pride in our work. We sometimes find ourselves in heated arguments, especially when we are not on the same page. But I believe that sometimes having disagreements can push you to produce your best work,” she said.


Thirty songs have been selected to compete in SFMM34.

Singers, composers and lyricists whose works have been selected to compete at the semi-finals of Muzik-Muzik 34 this year. NSTP/SALHANI IBRAHIM.

The first 11 songs to be performed are Drama (by Drama Band), Paku (Ara Johari), Hatiku Milikmu (Siti Nordiana), Tiada Dirimu (Shila Amzah), Mencuba (Sufian Suhaimi), #123 (Khai Bahar), Satukan Rasa (Siti Nordiana & Khai Bahar), Terlalu Memuja (Wany Hasrita), Bidadari (Ismail Izzani), Aku Yang Bersalah (Ucop), and Kepuraanmu (Luqman Faiz).

Next Friday will see another 11 songs. They are Anta Permana (originally performed by Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, but she will be replaced by another singer), Rampas (Akim & Majistret), Pujaan Hati (Adira), Sumpah (Naim Daniel), Ku Bersuara (Ernie Zakri), Kisah Cinta Kita (Hafiz Suip), Teguh Setia (Muna Syahirah), Ragaman (originally sung by Faizal Tahir, but will also be replaced by another singer at the competition), Pedih (Sarah Suhairi), Bekas Kekasih (Tomok), and Lembah Kesepian (Haqiem Rusly).

Meanwhile, the remaining eight songs to be performed on Nov 29 are Dinda (Kugiran Masdo), Peneman (Hazama The Penglipurlara), Bimbang (Marsha Milan), Tetap Kamu (Amylea x Megat), Pudar (Indah Ruhaila), Sumpah (Aina Abdul), Bangun (Aman Ra), and Jutaan Purnama (Datin Alyah).

The semi-finals will be beamed live from Sri Pentas 2 in Shah Alam at 9pm on TV3.

Co-hosted by Sherry Alhadad dan Haziq Hussni, SFMM34 is also available on