Josiah Hogan (NSTP/FILE PIC)

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Josiah Hogan is set for a “Mexican odyssey" next year to find his paternal relatives in Mexico.

The United States-born artiste said that in preparation for the trip, he had been saving some money since early this year. However, the amount is still insufficient.

“I've also been learning Spanish so that I will be able to communicate with them.

“Our lifestyles are very different since I grew up in Malaysia,” said the 33-year-old artiste in a news report yesterday.

Josiah was only a year old when his parents got divorced. His mother subsequently moved to Malaysia with him, after she remarried.

“Honestly, I'm really looking forward to reunite with family members whom I have not met for 33 years.”

The KL Vampires and Wira star also welcomes any kind of sponsorships to help make his dream trip a reality.

“If there are kind people who want to sponsor my flight and some expenditure there, I would be most grateful. I pray that everything will turn out right.”

Josiah revealed that he had three paternal aunts in Mexico who were in their 70s.

“I plan to spend a week with them,” he said.

Josiah said that his wife Nurul Hidayah Nordin fully supported him to go on this trip.

However, she will not be joining him as she is pregnant with their fourth child.