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Zul Ariffin (File pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actor Zul Ariffin denies being in a largely revealing video clip that recently went viral on social media, adding that it was a deepfake.

In a news report today, the star of J Revolusi and Sangkar lamented being a victim of irresponsible individuals in this age of modern technology.

“Since people have already been able to deepfake Mark Zuckerberg’s face, what more me?”

“It’s so easy to find visuals of me to do a deepfake like this. I never imagined that I’d be a victim of this sort of thing.”

“I thought this only happens to politicians,” said the hunky 33-year-old actor of this hot mess.

Deepfake is a current technology that enables the faces of anyone to be superimposed on a video that creates a realistic effect.

Meanwhile, the sudden closure of Zul’s Instagram account had also puzzled Netizens.

It is believed that the account was deactivated by the actor himself last Tuesday after the pornographic video clip featuring a naked man alleged to be him began circulating on Twitter.

A statement was then uploaded by the Zul Ariffin Fan Club (ZAFC) which explained that the Instagram account had not been hacked.

It added that it was Zul who had decided to take a break from utilising the social media platform.

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