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Baekhyun (left) and Sehun of K-Pop group Exo (Picture from Koreaboo)
Baekhyun (left) and Sehun of K-Pop group Exo (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: It seems that Baekhyun from popular K-Pop group Exo was born to be an entertainer, having stolen hearts even from his high school days.

According to Koreaboo, fans of the charismatic 27-year-old member had recently uncovered video clips from a talent show during his years at Bucheon Jungwon High School.

Fans, or Exo-ls as they’re known, expressed their praise and astonishment that the young lad had already been able to sing well and hit all of the high notes with relative ease.

What was surprising to them was the fact that all the girls were heard screaming for more. Even a male classmate was heard chanting his name. Apparently, one of the clips also saw the future Exo member being asked if he had a girlfriend.

Fans online added that Baekhyun was certainly idol material from the start after watching the memorable videos.

One wrote: “Seeing pre-debut Baekhyun videos of him singing at school events and school bands. God I can't stop smiling at how far he has walked till now!”

Another said: “With such star power back then, it’s no wonder Baekhyun became a top idol! The power Byun Baekhyun holds!”

Meanwhile, Koreaboo also reported that Exo member Sehun now owns a building in a strategic area around Sangdo-dong in Seoul.

The six-storey property with an additional basement level was reported to have been purchased by the 25-year-old idol for 3.35 billion won (about RM11.8 million).

Apparently, he signed the contract last September and had made the payment for it last month.

Aside from Sehun, fellow member Chanyeol, 27, also recently became a property owner after revealing on Radio Star that he had purchased a building as well.

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