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Nayeon of popular K-Pop group Twice (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: The members of popular K-Pop girl group Twice now have police protection and are equipped with smartwatches to call for help in case a crisis situation arises.

According to Koreaboo, a recent Channel A news report revealed that the group’s agency, JYP Entertainment, had addressed a prevailing concern involving a foreign stalker by providing police protection for the nine-member music outfit.

The police have apparently given the girls smartwatches in order to immediately alert the authorities during emergencies.

Patrols by the police have also increased in the vicinity of the company and the group’s dormitory.

Fans praised JYP online for making it a priority to ensure the safety of its artiste.

It was previously reported that Twice member Nayeon had allegedly been the target of a German stalker for the past two months.

Fans were naturally worried about the 24-year-old idol’s safety as the person had apparently made two trips to South Korea in order to seek her out in person.

He was alleged to have also tried to visit the home of JYP ceo, J.Y. Park, in his quest to contact the idol.

The man, identified as Josh, had apparently claimed that he loves Nayeon for who she is and won’t accept being turned down by anyone except Nayeon herself.

Fans also discovered an alarming message, said to have been previously posted by Josh on Reddit, which stated that killing someone who broke their heart was morally correct.

The stalker had also allegedly claimed to have met fellow Twice members Jeongyeon and Tzuyu during his search for Nayeon.

Meanwhile, another report from Koreaboo stated that Josh had uploaded a 45-minute video on YouTube today to explain his side of the story.

In a section of the long video, he said: “There has been a lot of fake news, as probably all of you know, spread about me. Like, I would be a stalker, which I’m definitely not. Things like, I would want to kill someone if someone breaks someone else’s heart. Completely fake news.”

He added later: “What JYP did is character assassination. They tried to completely ruin my reputation. I will do everything that I can to take legal actions against JYP Entertainment to get the truth out there.”

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