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Heechul of K-Pop group Super Junior with Goblin the cat (left) and Sulli. (Picture from Koreaboo)
Heechul of K-Pop group Super Junior with Goblin the cat (left) and Sulli. (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular Korean singer and member of K-Pop group Super Junior, Kim Heechul, recently confirmed that his new cat was actually Sulli's pet.

According to Koreaboo, the 36-year-old idol had previously kept it a secret even though the feline, named Goblin, had been spotted on his Instagram stories and on the reality TV show, My Little Old Boy.

Fans have been speculating for some time but Heechul, as he's fondly known, decided to address the matter during a live stream on YouTube after the SBS Entertainment Awards last Saturday.

The idol confessed that he had told the production team of My Little Old Boy not to draw any unnecessary attention to the cat to avoid any controversies.

Former f(x) member and actress Sulli, 25, had unfortunately taken her own life a couple of months ago.

Heechul revealed that he could not stop crying initially when he took the cat in.

He said: “When I first brought it home, I kept crying every time I looked at it. It was so hard. So I cried for many days.”

On a lighter note, he let on that he sometimes calls the kitty "Poop Goblin" due to the pungent smell that is common for the Sphynx breed.

He added: “The funny thing is, Goblin comes to me when I’m crying. And then it puts its butt towards my nose. So I’ll be crying because of this and that, but its butthole smells so much. It’s a funny cat. But they say that Sphynx cats are usually like that."

During the live stream, he had also requested for fans to always remember his dear friend Sulli.

  At the end of it the idol said: “All of us need to be healthy. We should all be healthy. No matter what.”

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