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BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)
BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Scottish writer Mark Millar recently had a good experience involving BTS fans during a recent holiday with his family in Finland.

According to Koreaboo, Millar, who wrote the Kingsman: The Secret Service comics and is executive producer of all the action comedy films, had lost a family teddy bear at a ski shop in Lapland, Finland.

Only realising this after he had returned home, Millar wrote on Twitter: “Dear @SantasLapland, one of my daughters left this 37-year-old family bear behind at the ski-suit shop 2 days ago. Our holiday was AWESOME, but any chance you could complete this Christmas miracle and find him for us? Many thanks, The Millar Family!”

Apparently, BTS fans in Finland had posted a message on the missing bear and worked together to try and find it.

Millar later thanked them via a message which read: “AMAZING NEWS! We just had word from @SantasLapland that our missing bear was found in Finland this morning! Huge thanks to them and the thousands of @BTS_twt fans who posted tweets like the one below over the past 24 hrs. My kids are SO DELIGHTED!”

The Army, as the BTS fans are known, replied with: @BTS_army_Fin. We are so happy to hear that! What a great way to end this year 2019 and start a New Year 2020! Happy New Year Millar Family.”

Millar posted another message to say that it was a miracle. He wrote: “I still can’t believe we got our toy bear back from Finland after 2 weeks. It’s a miracle and wouldn’t have happened without the @BTS_twt fans uniting and making sure this was found. Thank you again to everyone. BTS must be very proud and honoured to have you as their army!”

When another fan sent the 50-year-old writer a link to a video of the popular K-Pop group’s Dionysus performance which had a Kingsman-themed look, Millar replied with: “The love for Kingsman in Asia is amazing, particularly S Korea where it had a massive cultural impact. Someone sent me this today and I love it.”

Millar later added: “Thanks to all the lovely @BTS_twt fans yesterday for their kind words on our Kingsman movie. South Koreans are THE BEST! Hoping to get out there for a signing next year!”

He then responded to a fan who suggested that BTS be included in the next Kingsman movie. He wrote: “Actually, given the big Kingsman fan-base in Asia I personally think it would very cool to have BTS do a SONG for one of the movies.”

When Millar found out that BTS member Kim Tae Hyung, better known as V, had celebrated his birthday yesterday, he wrote: “I understand that today is also Tae’s birthday so it’s cool you all mobilised on a special day for the band.”

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