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BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)
BTS (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Fans of international K-Pop sensation BTS may get to see the group perform at the upcoming 62nd Grammy Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, on Jan 26.

According to Koreaboo, sources have let on that the seven-member outfit would most probably be one of the performers during the show in the US.

The first batch of performing artistes are expected to be announced soon by the organisers of the prestigious annual event.

Fans expressed mixed feelings about the news though. Many who had anticipated nominations for BTS in several categories for last year’s Grammys had their hopes dashed when they were not.

But the BTS members have apparently expressed a desire to perform at the awards show previously.

Some of the artistes rumoured to perform at this year’s Grammys include Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, Rosalía, Jonas Brothers, Nas and Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani, as well as BTS.

One fan wrote: “Why would they rob BTS of their earned nominations and then invite them to perform? They're not circus monkeys. I'm annoyed. Anyway, BTS is gonna show these western artistes what a REAL performance looks like, love that.”

Another fan said: “Well, if my boys are happy then I am too! Was a great honour to be the first Korean artiste to grace the Grammys’ stage and to be invited a second time there. Also, it's good promo for their upcoming album and tour!”

Yesterday, the group’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, posted online that a new BTS album, titled Map Of The Soul: 7, would be released on Feb 21.

Meanwhile, the group’s influence continues to garner praise. At the recent Golden Globe Awards, famed Korean director Bong Joon Ho won the Best Foreign Language Film award for his film, Parasite.

The filmmaker, known for other hits such as Memories Of Murder, The Host, Snowpiercer and Okja, had mentioned BTS during an interview with media prior to the awards ceremony.

When asked about his thoughts on the growing influence of Korean bands, music, actors and culture, he said: “I am here at the Golden Globe Awards right now but the power and influence of BTS is 3,000 times stronger than mine. I feel like Korea is a country where it’s inevitable for such talented artistes to arise. Korea is an emotional, intense and dynamic country.”

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