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Nabila Huda and Puteri Balqis (right)
Nabila Huda and Puteri Balqis (right)

KUALA LUMPUR: As a close friend of teenage actress Puteri Balqis Azizi, Nabila Huda Suhaimi feels that her parents should not allow her to walk around the city selling her book of poetry.

Taking to Twitter, Nabila, 35, said that since Balqis was suffering from cancer and a heart ailment, it did “not look right" for her to walk around town selling books.

“Why make a girl with cancer walk around KL selling books to earn a living, when you are able-bodied? Why make her go without food for a couple of days too? Would you allow your children to do this?" she said.

One Netizen however said that Nabila and her fellow artistes ought to go all out to help Balqis face her current hardship.

The Netizen said: "Where are the actors and actresses who are close to her when she needs them most? Looks like life is like an ant's life, they only come together when there's sugar around."

Nabila replied: "We are always there for her and do our best to help her. Please don't compare us to ants and sugar. She is an angel and we all love her, and are always willing to help her."

Another Netizen told Nabila that it would not be fair to blame her parents for allowing her to sell books in the streets, as she seemed to enjoy her "new job".

He said: "I don't think it is fair to blame her single mother. From the documentary Bersamamu's interview with Balqis and her mother, it is clear that she is doing her best for her daughter, despite not having a fixed job, and they are very close to each other."

Balqis, 13, highlighted her hardship in the popular TV3 documentary Bersamamu last Sunday. The award-winning artiste revealed that she and her mother Norashikin Mohamad Aziz had been in dire financial straits for a year.

She thanked fans for encouraging her to overcome her difficulties, and said that she came up with a book of 38 self-penned poems during Hari Raya last year.

“I'm extremely touched, and I want to thank all Malaysians who have supported and encouraged me. Their gestures have given my mother and I lots of hope and positivity," she said in the interview.

Balqis' book 38 Poems Of Puteri Balqis is currently sold in bookstores and stalls in the Klang Valley, and she and her mother have also sold it in the streets.

The actress' poems speak about her life experiences, including her battle with illness and her courage in facing financial hardship.

In 2018, Balqis was diagnosed with cancer and a heart ailment.

Her best known films include Upin & Ipin: Jeng Jeng Jeng!, Makrifat Cinta and KL Special Force. She has won two local entertainment awards, the Pantene Promising Artiste Award in Anugerah Skrin 2012 and Best Drama Actress in Anugerah Skrin 2014.

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