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Jennie (left) and Lisa of popular K-Pop group BlackPink. (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: A recent promotional event for international K-Pop girl group BlackPink did not go down very well for one of its members, Jennie.

According to Koreaboo, the red hot quartet had attended a Samsung event in Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday where a livestream fan session had also taken place.

This was in conjunction with a campaign that features BlackPink as the global ambassadors for the Galaxy A smartphone.

Apparently, fans had noticed that there were a lot of haters directing malicious messages towards the comely 23-year-old idol.

Jennie, who had read the barrage of cutting comments on the smartphone appeared to be visibly distressed by the whole ordeal.

Fans, dubbed Blinks, were outraged that the hosts had allowed this cruel situation to happen and that they had also ignored her throughout the whole affair.

According to them, Jennie was trying her best to hold back tears.

Apparently, the other members of BlackPink had tried to diffuse the negative atmosphere as well with Rose directing her to a comment that read: “Jennie, I love you.”

The fans who felt that Jennie had been disrespected demanded for the idol to be treated better and decided to trend the hashtag, #JennieDeservesBetter.

One fan wrote: “She was trying so hard not to cry this is so f****d up! #JennieDeservesBetter.”

Another said: “Peak devastation when Jennie saw most of the comments hating on her and trying not to break down in tears… my heart aches for her #JennieDeservesBetter.”

Yet one more wrote: “I don’t stan but wow those hosts are terrible to make her read those comments and then ignore her, that’s pure disrespect #JennieDeservesBetter.”

Other fans criticised the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, for not protecting their artistes enough and also called for Samsung Indonesia to apologise over the matter.

On a more positive note, Koreaboo also reported that Lisa of BlackPink had revealed a few things on what gave her energy during an interview for an upcoming issue of Elle Korea.

She said: “I’m the type who always gets nervous before getting on stage but whenever I see my members, I gain strength.”

“I really like playing pranks and cracking jokes. I work hard to have fun, be happy and to enjoy my days wherever it is I am,” added the 22-year-old Thai national.

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