Grant Gustin of The Flash

KUALA LUMPUR: After two years of marriage, the man who plays Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash can now speak his wife’s mother tongue.

Yesterday, Malaysian fans of American actor Grant Gustin who plays the DC Comics superhero in the TV series The Flash were thrilled and impressed to see him speaking Malay with his wife Andrea Thoma, who is of Kadazan-Dusun descent.

Taking to Instagram, Thoma uploaded a video which featured her 30-year-old husband and herself.

In the video, she was seen waving her hands at the camera as he said “jangan kacau”, which means “don’t disturb” in Malay.

It may also mean “don't mess with me", and that was what she wrote in the caption accompanying her the video.

His fans especially those from Malaysia, lauded Gustin for making an effort to learn his wife's mother tongue.

They included Sabahan actress Adeline Tsen who said: "Love you Grant and Andrea!"

A Netizen Robert said: "Wow! Grant can speak Malay. Bravo!"

“So sweet. Keep it up Grant and Andrea," said Syahirah.

“You make my day Grant Gustin a.k.a. The Flash," said Fikry.

Gustin and Thoma tied the knot on Dec 15, 2018. They have known each other for more than two years.

Thoma, who was born in Ohio, returns to Sabah every few years to visit her family there.

Gustin’s video