PETALING JAYA: Actress and singer Nur Fathia Latiff's resolution for 2020 is to shed her "controversial girl" image.

Admitting to having uttered “a lot of things which she should not have" over the last couple of years, the 32-year-old artiste expressed her regret about her past actions.

However, Nur Fathia who started her acting career in 2009, insisted that she was not suffering from mental illness.

Best known for her role in popular TV drama series Ariana Rose, she said: “No, I don’t have mental illness. It's just that I faced some personal issues over the last two years which made me say silly things on social media.

“I regret being a loose cannon and for the past year I've been doing a bit of soul searching. Talking to people who understand and are close to me has been therapeutic, too,” she told reporters at the launch of her new single Jika Aku Tahu at Indigital Music, Damansara Perdana yesterday.

She has been an artiste under the record label since last year. And Jika Aku Tahu marks her second single after Keluarkan Aku, released in 2018.

However, Nur Fathia said she would not be quitting social media, as she wanted to keep in contact with friends and fans.

“I used to say a lot on social media, but this time my focus will be on my work alone. I've learnt to be more careful with what I utter, so that certain quarters will not get the wrong impression of me," she said.

Nur Fathia also said that she knew full well that it would be impossible for her to please everyone and was certain that detractors were abound.

However, she has learnt to ignore them and will only respond to those who genuinely show concern towards her.

“I'm aware that I do make mistakes like everyone else, and there will be times when I say the wrong things. To take precautions, I've decided to be extra careful in my statements and avoid stepping on too many toes."

Nur Fathia said that she would be maintaining her current short hairdo which she described as a "slightly rebellious" look.

“I'm a little rebellious at heart. Each of us is, in varying degrees," she said.

When asked if she would wear the hijab again, Nur Fathia said: "Only God knows when that will happen. All I can say is, one day I will."

Netizens first remarked that Nur Fathia might be suffering from mental illness in July last year, when she took off her hijab and sported a short hairdo. She first wore the hijab in 2016.