Tony Eusoff (NSTP/FILE PIC)
Tony’s tweet

KUALA LUMPUR: Actor Tony Eusoff has shared his two sen's worth of UK-based journalist Katie Morley's recent ridiculing of nasi lemak.

Taking to Twitter today, the star of Ola Bola The Musical and P. Ramlee The Musical called on Malaysians not to lose their cool over a foreign journalist who probably did not know it was Malaysia's national dish.

Tony said: "Yang marah-marah pasal airline nasi lemak, you guys need real problems in your lives. Firstly, that looks like terrible nasi lemak anyway. Secondly, 99.98 per cent of the world's population don't give two Fs what nasi lemak is. So calm down and eat your nasi lemak diam-diam."

Netizens agreed with him, and advised their fellow Malaysians not to get worked up over a small issue.

“If she doesn't like it, it's up to her. And it's not the first time foreigners didn't like our meals," said a Netizen identified only as Helmy.

“Haha! Well said Tony. I think that airline shouldn't attempt nasi lemak. But then the UK has already claimed curry as a national dish," said Nina.

Ikhmal said: "The preparation of that nasi lemak is really bad. But somehow the way she said it was very rude."

Fernandez said: "I had a look. It's not visually pleasing but that's not what it is. It's our national dish and I guess the comment did not sit well with many of us."

Yesterday, Malaysians on Twitter slammed Morley for calling the nasi lemak dish which she ordered on a British Airways flight a "wickedly bad meal".

Morley shared a photo of what she was served on board the aircraft, expressing her disgust with the dish.

Morley vented her frustration: "In the name of public interest, I am sharing this wickedly bad meal British Airways treated me to during a 13-hour flight. Behold, chicken curry served with anaemic boiled egg, topped with smelly, slimy anchovies. I quite like plane food usually, and this was a 0/10."

Morley took the criticism levelled at her in stride and subsequently posted: "Many Malaysians have got in touch to say the meal I tweeted about yesterday is a popular national dish. I'd not come across it before and meant no offence. As many have pointed out, I was clearly served a very poor version by British Airways. Sure it can be lovely and hope to try the real thing one day!"