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Chen of popular K-Pop group Exo. (Picture from Koreaboo)
Chen of popular K-Pop group Exo. (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Chen of popular K-Pop group Exo recently got into hot soup with some Korean fans after rumours that he was going to get married and that his girlfriend was pregnant were officially confirmed.

According to Koreaboo, Exo-ls, as the group’s fans are known, from Korea, had organised a protest in front of the SMTown Coex Atrium building in Seoul.

The main aim of it was to get the group’s agency, SM Entertainment, to kick Chen out of the international K-Pop music outfit.

But fans of the 27-year-old idol, whose real name is Kim Jong Dae, from around the world have been showing their support for him by organising their own events and starting a campaign of positivity.

A fan Twitter account @EXOGlobal had wrote: “We are coming up with a new campaign called Global EXO-Ls In Support of EXO Chen/Kim Jongdae: We Are The Majority. If you organise a fan rally/meeting in support of Chen, please use the above caption with #WeAreTheMajority and we will promote them.#CHEN_STAYS.”

At the time of the report, global fans from Argentina to Indonesia and the Philippines had already organised events to show their love for the fresh-faced idol.

Although K-Pop idols in South Korea are traditionally supposed to remain single and celibate while they are still active in a music group, the trend has slowly been changing.

Fans also wished Chen all the best and expressed their happiness for the singer-songwriter.

One fan wrote: “Congratulations on your marriage announcement Chen!”

Another fan said: “We E-Xols always support Jong-dae's decision. His happiness is our happiness. We also support all of Chen's activities in Exo in the future both as a solo artiste or in a group setting.”

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