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Gloria Tang (GEM)
Gloria Tang (GEM)

KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong singer Gloria Tang, best known for her Queen Of Hearts Tour 2016, has proven herself worthy of that title as her latest music video has shown.

Tang, also known as GEM, has been deeply moved by the suffering of the people of Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak which has claimed close to 500 lives in the country.

Entertainment portal Asia One reported yesterday that Tang had uploaded a touching music video for her latest song Angels, which showed various people coping with the outbreak.

The music video which was released on Monday started off with a CCTV clip of a man donating boxes of face masks to a police station, and running off hastily before the officers could catch him.

The policemen then stood from afar and saluted him.

Tang, 28, said: "Angels pays tribute to the common heroes who have contributed, no matter how small, to the fight against the coronavirus, and its music video shows various tear-jerking clips of humanity at its finest."

The video has to date garnered more than 400,000 views and over 10,000 shares, and has moved many Netizens to tears.

Most of them have applauded Tang for being a beacon of compassion and thanked her for a beautiful message of kindness and humanity.

"Watching the clips, especially of a quarantined mother and her daughter play-hugging each other, made me cry. Seeing someone giving an elderly woman a mask made me believe that there will always be love in this world," said Tang.

Tang also said that she found footage of the man who sent more than 500 face masks to a police station in Wuhan a week ago.

"I really admire this man. He wasn't asking for a reward or praise. He just wanted to contribute during this difficult period."

Another moving scene in Tang's music video showed a nurse decked out in a mask and a scrub cap standing outside a hospital with open arms, and a girl standing some distance away mimicking her actions.

The girl was crying as she placed a pot of food on the ground which the nurse later picked up.

"The story of the mother and daughter was one of my favourite. The mother had not been home for a week because of work, and her husband brought their 9-year-old girl to visit her, delivering some food as well.

"But since they were unable to cross the quarantine line, they could only stand apart and give each other an invisible hug."

Other moving scenes included some children donating bottles of disinfectant to a train station while cheering on Wuhan, a teenage girl in Wuhan who made 800 meals a day for the hospitals, and people giving out masks to others.

Tang said: "Maybe in the larger scheme of things, you think you can't do much. But what you don't know is that actions you think are insignificant actually bring a lot of warmth to this world.

"When you pray for a miracle, would you believe that the answer lies in you?"

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