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Actress Nur Fathia Latiff is determined to shed her ‘bad girl’ image as of this year. (Pic by NSTP/NURUL SHAFINA JEMENON)
Actress Nur Fathia Latiff is determined to shed her ‘bad girl’ image as of this year. (Pic by NSTP/NURUL SHAFINA JEMENON)

THAT “wild child” image might work for an artiste in the West but in Malaysia, you could lose fans instead.

Actress-singer Nur Fathia Latiff, 32, learnt this first-hand over the past few years, and regrets her past actions which have included dancing in a “sexy” dress in an Instagram video, making irrational statements on social media, and even getting herself dropped from a drama series for indiscipline.

“I’ve been doing many foolish things and I regret them. But I’m happy that my family, my closest friends and fans are behind me,” she said at the recent launch of her second single Jika Aku Tahu at Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya.

“I’m turning over a new leaf this year. Slowly but surely, I’ll make a name for myself as an artiste. Instead of acting, I’ll be focusing on singing and songwriting.”

Nur Fathia does not deny that her “misbehaviour” has led to a lack of acting offers.

“My last drama series was Kipas Belum Mati, aired last year. I do feel disappointed with myself, but then it is not good to wallow in self-pity.

“My late grandfather always told me that when you are at rock bottom, strive to pull yourself up again, for that is the true measure of a winner,” she said.

In fact, Jika Aku Tahu — which she co-wrote with her friend Sharifah Faezah Al-Attas, with musical arrangement by Anas Amdan, the brother of her favourite singer-songwriter Aizat Amdan — is dedicated to her paternal grandfather who died two years ago.

“I was very close to my late grandfather. When I became an actress, however, I did not spend much time with him, only meeting him during family get-togethers such as Hari Raya and his birthday.

“I regret that I did not appreciate his good advice and instead got myself into trouble. I miss him a lot. To a large extent, Jika Aku Tahu is my message of remorse and regret.

“But the main message behind it is the need for children to spend quality time with their parents, grandparents and siblings, and also to pay heed to what they were taught when young.”

Nur Fathia has been an artiste under the Indigital record label since last year.

Her first single, Keluarkan Aku, was released in 2018, composed by DJ Fuzz and co-written by Waris and herself.

Keluarkan Aku was hip-hop and pop, while Jika Aku Tahu takes me back to familiar territory, pop-rock,” she admitted, citing Aizat, Faizal Tahir, Yuna and NJWA as her favourite artistes.

Nur Fathia might have started her career in acting but singing was her first love.

“I used to sing in school concerts as well as family gatherings. I still enjoy karaoke sessions with friends.

Nur Fathia describes her “fall from screen grace” over the last two years as a blessing in disguise because it “reunited” her with music.

She takes regular vocal lessons from fellow singer Bob Yusof who will be performing Anta Permana, made popular by Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, at the Anugerah Juara Lagu 34 on Sunday.

“Bob sets high standards, yet he is very patient with me,” she said.

In the long run, she plans to compose more songs.

On possible collaborations with popular artistes, she cited Hael Husaini, Hazama and Aizat as her top three choices.

“They rock! They are so cool, immensely talented and down to earth,” she said.

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