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Harith Iskander (NSTP/FILE PIC)
Harith Iskander (NSTP/FILE PIC)

KUALA LUMPUR: Comedian Harith Iskander may be a funnyman at heart, but he is also a funnyman with a heart.

Yesterday, the 53-year-old star of Cuci The Movie shared on Instagram a viral video of a woman screaming and spitting at some men who attempted to tow her car away from a parking space.

The men who had arrived in a tow truck and clamped her car, were persistently harrassed by the woman. She hit one of them and even threatened the others with a traffic cone which was on the adjacent pavement.

Eventually, one of them pacified her, by persuading his friends to let her be. They proceeded to unclamp her car, to her relief.

Calling on Netizens to be more sensitive towards people with mental problems or depression, Harith said in his caption to the video that the woman's reaction might be the result of personal stress, and it was out of the ordinary.

He told Netizens to refrain from passing judgement on her, as nobody knew what she was going through.

"Whatever this woman is going through in her life, it must be taking a terrible toll on her. Reacting like this is not healthy and I believe that it is usually the case of pent-up frustration, anger and hurt.

"I hope she finds some peace. Mental health is a real issue and it can affect anyone of any age.

"Take care people," said Harith.

Netizens lauded the comedian for his compassion.

One of them, Melia said: "I am sure nobody wants to be in that state of mind let alone that lady, she must be having a bad day and we should not judge her. Kudos to the abang tunda for releasing her car. To the guy who tried to pacify the situation, kudos to you too."

Khalid said: "Respect these guys for keeping cool."

Paul said: "You are very kind Harith. She needs help and I'm glad they have some compassion and a lot of patience."

Farah said: "So sad to see this lady. She definitely needs help and it's not right for us to judge her. May she find peace and happiness."

In October last year, Harith shared on Twitter a video showing a woman feeding stray dogs in her neighbourhood.

Netizens were touched by her love and care for animals.

"This woman lives her life with kindness and compassion,” Harith said in his caption, earning praise from Netizens.

Harith’s video

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