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KUALA LUMPUR: Even though Syed Umar Mokhtar Al-Juffrey was not a prominent public figure, Malaysians deeply mourned his death last Monday.

Judging by the 2,000-strong crowd that turned up during his funeral that day, the 32-year-old comedian,also known as Abam, had touched many lives.

Even the cemetery caretaker revealed that a pair of visitors came from afar to "honour a great man" shortly after he was laid to rest.

In a news report today, the caretaker identified as Khairuddin said that as he was about to lock the gate of the Jalan Sungai Pasu Islamic Cemetery in Gombak, two unexpected visitors arrived.

He said: "They were a mother and daughter on motorcycle. The mother was in her late 40s while the daughter was in her early 20s.

"Both of them begged me to allow them in for a brief visit, to pay respects to Abam, for he had been a Good Samaritan to them."

Khairuddin added that the visitors came at 8pm, half an hour after Abam was buried.

"At first, I told them that the cemetery was closing, and it was best that they come back tomorrow.

"However, the mother insisted that they needed to say a prayer for the kind, caring and gentle soul, who helped meet her daughter's school fees during her schooldays," said Khairuddin.

The mother and daughter knelt at Abam's grave for 20 minutes, reciting Al-Fatihah with tears in their eyes. Before they left, they thanked him profusely.

"I was so moved by their labour of love. This made me realise what a special man Abam was.

"People who hardly knew him showed up at his funeral, and everybody told me about his kindness and friendliness.

"Arwah is a beloved of God, no wonder he's left us so soon," said Khairuddin, adding that he was glad he allowed the mother and daughter in.

Khairuddin admitted that he did not know Abam well, but had met him several times at foodstalls in their hometown, Gombak.

"He was always nice, kind and polite. He got along well with everyone, and everyone knew who he was.

"All of my friends and relatives told me that he was one of the nicest and friendliest people, a good son and husband who was humble and generous."

Khairuddin also described Abam's funeral as "record-breaking" for him.

"The crowd that gathered in the cemetery far exceeded the average number of visitors during Hari Raya."

Abam, a member of comedy troupe Bocey, had been down with high fever and headache for two days before his death.

He is survived by his wife Siti Norhidayah Ali, 29, and their five-month-old son Syed Uthman Hamzah Al-Juffrey.

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