Lucinta Luna has been arrested by Indonesian police for alleged drug abuse. — Instagram/LUCINTA LUNA

KUALA LUMPUR: Dangdut singer Lucinta Luna has been arrested by the Indonesian police for drug abuse, believed to be ecstasy, yesterday.

According to a news report today, it is believed that the singer, whose real name is Muhammad Fatah, had been arrested at his apartment in Thamrin City in Central Jakarta at 1.30pm yesterday.

However, at the time of print, the police was unsure where to put the 30-year-old transgender artiste — in the lock-up for male or female detainees — once the investigation process was over.

“We haven’t decided on that yet, as he is still being detained at the investigation room,” said West Jakarta Metro Police officer Iptu Bachrun.

Lucinta became known among Malaysians when he was featured in Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri Kamarzaman and Muhammad Sajjad’s controversial single Bobo Dimana in 2018.

A screenshot from the video Bobo Dimana. — YouTube/Tv Terlajak Laris