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Popular TV host, actress and entrepreneur Neelofa. (NSTP file pic)
Popular TV host, actress and entrepreneur Neelofa. (NSTP file pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular TV host and successful entrepreneur Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor plans to make a big impact in Indonesia by returning to the big screen with a new film.

The 31-year-old celeb was reported to be starring in an upcoming Indonesian production that will feature Islamic themes, as well as famous actors from Ayat Ayat Cinta and Surga Tak Dirindukan.

“I'll be testing the waters as they say with this film, that has Islamic and love elements, as my first attempt to break into the Indonesian market."

"To help with my goal, I have already employed the services of the same manager who is taking care of Bunga Citra Lestary's career over there."

She added that her decision to head over to the neighbouring republic was a two-pronged approach, with the intention to grow her hijab brand, Naelofar, there too.

"I will have to divide my time well between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur from now onwards. I'll be frequently flying there to attend events, which will include sessions with the Indonesian media."

Neelofa, who was met during an event to unveil the new look for Naelofar last night, explained that she has not yet entertained the idea of committing to a longdrawn drama series or sinetron production.

"I'm solely thinking of films for a start. As for the future, we'll see how things go first."

"I got the offer for this film role when I met with my manager over there. It was just pure luck that the particular production was looking for a Malaysian actress."

She added that the production had screened a similarly themed movie in Malaysia back in 2015.

“They want to do a similar project for this year. The film is planned to begin shooting in April or before Ramadan begins."

"I hope that everything goes well since I also have acting jobs in Malaysia. This includes a film, a telemovie in conjunction with Aidilfitri and my hosting gig."

As for her preparation to further develop her career in Indonesia, Neelofa revealed that she has been brushing up on the language.

“I have a tutor from Indonesia to help me master the language properly. I believe it's important to know Bahasa Indonesia well in order to build my name over there."

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